A Flourishing Church—A Flourish Life

We happen to believe that God wants every church to be Spiritually healthy and sound. Why? Because Heaven is Spiritually healthy and sound. So it occurs to us then…that…

God’s not weird, God’s not a politician, and God is not missing in action; nor does He harm His kids. Therefore, God’s people should not be weird. His people (and His churches) should not engage in personal politics that offend church members or their own staff, by operating no differently than any secular organization. But rather, they should be open about all things (save, when being open would cause harm to others). God is never missing in action because “a sparrow doesn’t fall to the ground without Him knowing it” and “every hair on your head is numbered” (Matt. 10:29-30). He only permits trials and challenges in our lives, to bring about a greater good and a greater future, of which trust is required when we don’t see it right away. And if people in church (staff or members) cause hurt, it is not God causing the hurt.

God loves us…and He wants us to Flourish, not just in good times, but He also wants us to Flourish through life’s challenges too. It is possible! With God, all things are possible! (Matt. 19:26).

Let us partner with you in this dance called Life.  Come experience a Flourishing Life in God, here at Flourish City Church!