The Burden:

We are living in a time unprecedented in modern history. Outside the church, anything goes. Inside the church “the Love of many has grown cold”, and the once authentic, living, breathing, relationship between Jesus and His people have suffered. Some of this is self-inflicted, but most is due to a misunderstanding of the true nature of God, and our seeming inability to posture ourselves in His Grace in all challenges, at all times.

The Download:

In the Spring of 2011, within a matter of about 20 mins, the Lord placed a desire and vision in the heart of Pastor Michael for a Church Plant/ministry—a 20 min download.

The Result:

Flourish City Church. Where we not only embrace Grace fully, but where, though “His ways are not our ways” (Is. 55:8), we learn what those ways are, so we can then fully trust Him. Knowing how Jesus interacts with His people leads to The Flourishing Life that He wants all of us to experience.