A Letter from our Pastor

 Here at Flourish, we believe that complete and lasting fulfillment can only come when we serve the purposes of God in our own lives and in the lives of others.

 It’s not just enough to be a Christian devoted to our family and to our workplace; though that is God’s will, it can never be enough.

 Our highest Calling in life is to be actively serving God’s purpose. In order to fulfill God’s purpose, we must first answer the question, “Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing in this life? What was I created to be?”.

 In other words, to fulfill God’s purposes, we must know our purpose. We must come to know what our Spiritual giftings are and then use those gifts in the lives of others. In serving others with the giftings God has given us, we will then be serving God; and in serving God, we will be serving ourselves because there is no greater fulfillment to be had on planet earth.

 Funny thing about serving God by serving others—knowing who you are and what you were created to do–is that our fears, our sadness–lack of joy, our loneliness, and ill-confidence gradually begin to go away. Trust me on this, connecting with others who need to experience your giftings, will sustain you!

 Flourish City Church is a place where everyone discovers his or her purpose and giftings in God. From the developing ministries of Flourish Destined (nursery 0-23 mos) all the way through to Flourish Rize (18-29 yr olds) in our Flourish Young Life ministries…to Flourish Becoming (singles) all the way through to Flourish Reward (ages 70+) in our Flourish Family ministries…there’s a place for YOU at Flourish City Church.

 If you’ve thought of it, there’s a ministry for it here at Flourish. It really is a place designed for you not just to get by, but to Flourish!

 Because it is God’s purpose that you Flourish (produce fruit, John 15:5), you really Can Reach The World From Here.

 Come check us out!

Michael Dixon, Founding Lead Pastor