By joining a small group, you have the opportunity to know Christ better, experience Him deeper and love Him more as you connect with others in community. We offer groups for men, women, singles, and couples, as well as mixed (couples and singles) and special interest groups at our church campus and in various locations throughout Dallas-Fort Worth. Our groups meet on a regular basis to connect relationally, study God’s Word, hold each other accountable, and reflect the love of Christ in their service.

We offer

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Couples
  • Mixed and
  • Special Interest groups

Groups meet at various times and many different locations throughout the metroplex.

Can you imagine experiencing a life that not only blesses you, but benefits your brothers and sisters in Christ?

Find your Group

Zoe Group

Leaders: Kimberly Pena

Location: CFNI campus (corner stone apt no 226)

Dates: February 8,22. March 8,22. April 5,19.

Leaders: Antonio and Yary

Locations: 1606 Nandina Dr. Apt 1236. Arlington TX 76014

Dates: February 13,27.March 13,27.April 10,24. May8,22. June5,19. July3,17

Leaders: Ashley and Filippe

Dates: February 16th- indoor Soccer at CFNI, 10am

April 27th, May 11th- time and place to be determined.

Xania Murray

Thursday  7pm

February 7,14,21,28 and March 7,21 – 6 week study

Wilson Ayub and Thais Rebecca

Meetings: March 14 and 28 | April 11,25   Thursdays Nights  7pm-9pm

3721 Fawn valley Dr. Blvd. Apr 1061 Dallas Tx 75225